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Upcoming Projects

Spring 2012

Concrete Work, Gap Construction: Algonquin Secondary School, North Bay

Stamped Concrete Driveway: 425 Pearce Street, North Bay

Sidewalk & Curb, Pearce Street, North Bay

Curb, Gravenhurst, Ontario


First North Enterprise is a First Nations owned an operated business, located in North Bay, Ontario.

We are pleased to offer quality services in trucking, concrete work, land clearing, mulching and residential development. All of our services are offered year-round at competitive rates.

In addition to these services, First North Enterprise also offers equipment rentals, including our tri-axle dump trucks, live bottom trailer, ponies and mulchers.

Equipment Rentals

First North Enterprise offers rentals of the following equipment:

  • Tri-axle dump trucks
  • Ponies
  • Live bottom trailer
  • Mulcher

For more information on any of our services, including our rentals, please contact us at (705) 474-3000